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Jorgensen "Pony" Pipe Clamps

Jorgensen 1/2" "Pony" Pipe Clamp
Jorgensen 3/4" "Pony" Pipe Clamp
Jorgensen Clamp Pads
Often considered the industry standard for pipe clamps, "Pony" clamps are made in the USA and designed to be used on standard 3/4" or 1/2" black pipe to offer the flexibility of creating any clamping length. Easy to assemble, ideal for woodworking with a wide range of applications from industrial to do-it-yourself type projects.
  • Both sets incorporate standard Acme cut steel threaded screws for a securing hold and final tightening
  • Tail-stop features a multiple-disc-clutch for fast easy adjustments while holding work securely
  • Sets include one each head and tail units