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JORGENSEN Rapid-Acting Bench Vises

Jorgensen Rapid Acting Bench Vise, 4" x 7" Face, 9" Opening
Jorgensen Rapid Acting Bench Vise, 4" x 10" Face, 12" Opening
These rugged, American made woodworker's vises are the professional's choice when speed and efficiency count. Just move the hardwood handle a half-turn counter-clockwise and the pivoting nut disengages, allowing you to open or close the jaws to the desired opening in a flash.
  • Machined jaws are toed-in to create the best possible holding power.
  • Included countersunk, tapped holes so you can add custom wood facings if desired.
  • Includes a solid steel front dog to serve as a bench stop for large-project clamping.
  • Black enamel finish.
  • Well designed and substantially built to match the rigors of benchwork.
  • Hardware for mounting not included.