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Bütz Carving Knives

Butz Carving Knives
Butz Detail Knife
Butz Knives - Carving Knife & Detail Knife
These are the special knives Rick Bütz uses to carve and whittle his sought-after masterpieces. Shown in his books and television series, these tools were developed to provide carvers with knives that are easier to hold, more efficient in cutting and safer to use. A special forward notch in the cherry wood handle safely puts your hand closer to the blades; you'll find you have more power and control with this feature.
  • Select cherry handle has also been enlarged and contoured to provide a more natural and comfortable tool to work with
  • Oil finish protects the knife handle and gives greater holding power than regular lacquered 'slick' finishes
  • All these features make the Bütz knives carving tools that are sure to please woodcarvers of all skill levels
  • Require honing before use
  • Made in Germany