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Heavy Duty Galvanized Shelving System

6' Shelf Standard
4' Shelf Standard
2' Shelf Standard
20" Supported Shelf Bracket
13" Supported Shelf Bracket
10" Supported Shelf Bracket
14" Double Shelf Bracket
10" Double Shelf Bracket
40" Horizontal Hang Track for Shelf Standards
Fast-Mount Bracket
Connector Bracket
Mounting Screws (14)
Fast Mount Hook
With their unique hanger brackets these shelves can be quickly and easily hung, even on difficult surfaces like concrete or cement block walls.
  • This heavy duty, galvanized finish shelving system is suitable for your garage, workshop, or basement.
  • You can set an entire shelving system up in minutes.
The double slotted Standards offer the versatility of multiple mounting options and lengths. Need an 8' standard?
  • Tie two four's together with a connector bracket.
  • If you can't screw your standards directly to your wall studs you may benefit from one of the two optional hanging brackets.
  • The Fast-Mount Bracket can be mounted with screws to the top plate of a wall or over wall studs.
  • The Horizontal Hang Track allows you to place standards wherever you want by sliding them along the 40" track.
  • The Hang Track can be mounted to the top plate of a finished wall, over stud walls, or to any wall with anchors.
Two types of shelf brackets are available:
  • Double Brackets rated at 150 lb per bracket
  • Supported Brackets rated at 300 lb per bracket
  • Unless noted, all components are sold singly.
Heavy Duty Shelving Kit includes:
  • Three 6' shelf standards
  • Three 2' shelf standards
  • Three 20" supported brackets
  • Six 13" supported brackets
  • Six 10" supported brackets
  • Screws not included
Use the Fast Mount Hook for easy installation of shelf wall brackets on basement sill plates.