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TrueTrac Universal Track Saw System

TrueTrac 4' Starter Kit
TrueTrac 8' Combo Kit
TrueTrac Universal Saw Adapter Plate
TrueTrac Speed Clamps
TrueTrac Universal Router Adaptor Plate
TrueTrac Anti-Chip Strips, 57", one pair
TrueTrac 4' Extention Kit

The TrueTrac Universal Saw System gives you the capabilities and precision of a big table saw in a compact package that you can carry to the yard or jobsite with ease. Just attach it to your existing circular saw - right or left side - and get started.

The rugged 1/8" thick track won't sag even with the 48" extension in place. Makes straight, precise cuts every time. Hang the flat track from a peg or hook in your shop.

Easy to transport. The TrueTrac can fit in the trunk or back seat with room to spare.

The Adaptor Plate positions your saw on top of the guide track instead of against it. As a result, the sacrificial edge of the poly-vinyl track strip markes the cut position precisely without factoring. Once the chamfered edges of the Adaptor Plate grooves are dropped over the mating chamfered edges of the track rails, there's zero play between them so your saw cannot wander away from the edge of the track and ruin your cut. The weight of your saw keeps every cut on track and precisely positioned.

With the TrueTrac Universal Saw system, you can:

  • Crosscut multiple boards at the same time
  • Rip narrow boards like a table saw
  • Bevel the edges of sheet goods or individual boards
  • Shave thin strips off workpiece edges to produce precise widths - down to a mere 1/32"!
  • Cut tapered shapes for cabinet fillers and similar projects
  • Eliminate rough or waned edges easily