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Powermatic 4224B Lathe and Accessories

Powermatic Lathe with Lamp Kit, Model 4224B
20" Extension Bed Kit for 4224B Lathe
Complete Lamp Kit for 4224B
Lamp for 4224B
Tailstock Riser Block for 4224B
63" Extension Bed with Stand for 4224B Lathe
20" Extension Bed for 4224B Lathe
The Powermatic 4224B is the newest member of the industry-leading family of lathes. Over 900 pounds, the 4224B is the biggest, heaviest, and most capable lathe we've ever built. It expands the limits of creative possibility, and takes your passion to a whole new level. With newly designed, top of its class features, the 4224B pushes the limits of design, innovation, and durability. Click on the lathe or one of the accessories for more details.