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Laguna Dust Collection

Laguna Mobile Cyclone 2HP
Laguna Mobile Cyclone 1.5HP
Laguna Mobile Cyclone 3HP, Auto Clean
Laguna Dust Collector Kit 2-3HP Cyclones
Laguna 1400 Circulator - Shop Air Filter
The Laguna Mobile Cyclone dust collectors offer the benefits of a cyclone and the portability needed for workshops of all sizes. The cyclone collection unit allows the wood particles and dust to be separated from the air stream before exiting through the one-micron pleated cartridge filter. This provides superior dust collection and air filtration so that the wood particles do not pass through the efficient fan unit. Dust is collected in a metal collection drums with quick releases and separate wheels for quick and easy emptying.

For those with manual filter cleaning, it insures that the pleated filter is always ready for the next use of the machine and remains in top shape. A unique feature is the negative pressure hose that is fed to the bottom of the drum to ensure the plastic bag remains inside the drum. Some of these Laguna Dust Collectors even come with remote controls allowing you to start the machines from anywhere in the shop, saving you time and steps.