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Diagonal Cut Exotic Pen Blanks

Diagonal Cut Exotic Pen Blank Assortment 2, 4-Piece
$9.80 $12.25
Diagonal Cut Burmese Blackwood Pen Blank 5-Piece
$10.39 $12.99
Diagonal Cut Burmese Rosewood Pen Blank 5-Piece
$11.40 $14.25
Diagonal Cut Zebrawood Pen Blank 5-Piece
$10.60 $13.25

Premium exotic species are selected for color and prominent grain and then processed by cutting on an angle to accentuate the grain patterns. You'll see intricate design emerge as these are turned - swirls, chevrons, arches and stripes. Assortment packs include one each of four differenct species as noted.  Individual species packs include five pieces.

Sharp tools will produce the best results!