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Knockdown Sawhorse Woodworking Plan

Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Knockdown Sawhorses
Downloadable Woodworking Project Plan to Build Knockdown Sawhorses
A pair of sawhorses come in mighty handy when you cut sheet goods or need to set up a temporary work area. But where do you corral them when you're not using them? If you build these sturdy horses, designed by WOOD® magazine reader Wade Olson, you simply break them down and hang them flat against the wall. With no hardware to fuss with, you can assemble and disassemble the pieces in just a few seconds. Plus, because they're made completely of wood, you'll never have to worry about catching a saw blade on a metal bracket or fastener. One full sheet of 3/4" plywood yields a pair of sawhorses measuring approximately 33" tall and 48" wide. This plan was built and proven in the WOOD magazine shop by its editors and master craftsmen.