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SawStop Contractor Saw with 30" Aluminum Extrusion Fence System Model CNS175-SFA30

SawStop Contractor Saw with 30" Aluminum Extrusion Fence System Model CNS175-SFA30
SawStop CNS Contractor 30" Outfeed Table
SawStop Over-Arm Dust Collection Assembly
SawStop Dust Collection Blade Guard
SawStop CNS Contractor Saw Dust Control Panel
SawStop CNS Contractor Cast Iron Wing - Single
SawStop 8" Dado Brake Cartridge
SawStop 10" Brake Cartridge
SawStop Standard Lock Down Insert
SawStop Dado Lock Down Insert
SawStop CNS Contractor Saw Mobile Base
SawStop Contractor Saw Mobile Cart
The SawStop Contractor Saw offers versatility and safety in the shop and stability and mobility on the jobsite. It delivers the performance you need with the peace of mind only SawStop’s patented safety system can provide. The SawStop table saw’s unique brake design detects hand or finger contact with the saw blade within milliseconds, instantly stopping and retracting the blade, helping to avoid serious injury. In addition to the groundbreaking safety features, SawStop manufactures one of the most precise saws on the market. The fit, finish and tolerance levels are second to none. Includes: 1-3/4 HP Saw with stand, 30"Aluminum Extrusion Fence System, 10" 40-tooth combination blade, two stamped wings, blade guard assembly, miter gauge, riving knife, blade wrenches and owner’s manual.

    CNS175-SFA30: includes aluminum extrusion fence & 30" rails
    Motor: 1-3/4 HP, 110-120V, 15A *User-configurable to 220-240V, 7-1/2A
    Footprint: 25-3/4" w, 27" d
    Overall dimensions: 58-1/2" w, 40" d, 34-3/4" h
    Cast-iron table: 20" w, 27" d
    Extension wing: 12" w, 27" d
    Shipping weight (approx.): 280 lbs. without fence.
    Blade: 10" diameter, 5/8" arbor
    Blade tilt: left
    Maximum depth of cut: 3-1/8"
    Dado diameter: 8"
    Dado max. width: 13/16" dust collection port, 4" diameter
    Dust-collection port: 4" diameter
    Insert: zero-clearance lock-down insert
    Blade guard: polycarbonate, thin profile
    Riving knife/splitter: 2mm thick Optional accessories for the SawStop table saw include cast-iron wings, 30" outfeed table, replacement brake cartridge for 10" blades, brake cartridge for 8" dado sets, zero-clearance inserts for 10" blades and 8" dado sets, mobile base, and numerous dust-collection accessories, as well as a jobsite cart with 10" wheels that makes the SawStop Contractor Table Saw truly portable.