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RIKON 3-Speed Air Cleaners

RIKON 3-Speed Air Cleaner with Remote Control Model 62-100
$299.99 $379.99
Rikon 3 Speed Air Cleaner, 400 CFM
$159.99 $199.99
Rikon 3 Speed Air Cleaner Charcoal Filter
Rikon 3 Speed Air Cleaner 1 Micron Outter Filter
Rikon 3 Speed Air Cleaner Replacement Outer Filter
The RIKON 62-100 is specifically designed to filter 98-99% of all particles, five microns in size and 85% of particles one micron in size. Model 62-100 is 950 CFM and has 3 speeds: 480, 750 and 950 CFM. At high speed, the 62-100 can filter the air in a 20' x 20' x 8' shop 14 times in less than an hour. The outer filter is 5 micron, and the inner pocket filter is 1 micron. The programmable timer can be set for two, four or eight hours. These units are designed to be set on a workbench or hung from the ceiling. Includes: remote control and hardware for ceiling mount applications.