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Grex Airbrush Combo Kits

Grex Genesis XT Airbrush Combo Kit
Grex Tritium TG3 Airbrush Combo Kit
Grex Tritium TS3 Airbrush Combo Kit
Everything ready in a box to go. TheGrex Airbrush Combo Kit combineseverything needed to easily setup a full airbrush system. The kit includes oneof Grex’s pistol-style trigger airbrush - the most comfortable, easy and intuitiveto use airbrush styles. Along with the AC1810-A quiet mini compressor andadditional accessories, this makes for a very complete kit. (These items cannot be sold in the State of California)

GCK01– Contains Grex Genesis.XT

             Basic featured pistol-style trigger airbrush with side feed reservoirs

GCK02– Contains Grex Tritium.TS3

             Premium featured pistol-style trigger airbrush with side feed reservoirs

GCK03– Contains Grex Tritium.TG3

             Premium featured pistol-style trigger airbrush with top feed reservoirs

All Combo KitsContain:

·   Grex AC1810-A MiniCompressor

A stylish, feature-rich, quiet and portableairbrush compressor ideal for the artist on the go. It’s lightweight andcompact, but packs the power for the demanding professional.


·   Grex G-MAC™

The popular Grex G-MAC™ gives youunrestricted precise control of airflow for your airbrush right at yourfingertips, allowing you to make real-time air adjustments while you'repainting.


·   GBH-06 - 6' BraidedNylon Air Hose

Premium braided nylon material offers adurable, flexible and lightweight air hose ideal for airbrushing.


·   Airbrush Color

A 30mL bottle of Private Stock eco-friendly,premium grade water based acrylic airbrush color. Use on multi-surfaces. Blackcolor provides the best contrast, ideal for practicing.


·   How-To Airbrush DVD

"Getting Started with your GrexAirbrush" provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on setup andcleanup of your airbrush system. Detailed demonstrations of fundamentalairbrushing techniques will help you establish the essential skills to createyour works of art.


·   Airbrush CarryingCase

A convenient carrying case made to protectyour airbrush. Made of molded plastic with a transparent flip up cover that canbe locked in place.