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Badger Airbrushes

Badger Model 350 Deluxe Single Action Airbrush Kit
Badger Model 250XL w/2 4-oz Jars
Badger Model 350 Heavy Needle Assembly
Badger Model 350 Medium Needle Assembly
Badger Model 350 Fine Needle Assembly
Airbrush 3/4oz Jar Box of 12
Airbrush 3/4oz Jar
Airbrush 2oz Jar Box of 6
Airbrush 2oz Jar
Badger Airbrush Jar Adapter Caps, 2ea
Propel Regulator
Airbrushes are simply small sprayers that run off compressed gas. The simplest are single action guns that siphon finish or paint through a tube attached to a container mounted under the gun (air passes over the tube). The airbrushes are simple to use and don’t require a lot of air—any small compressor will run one, and it can even be run off canned gas. Plus, with no finish going through the airbrush or touching the airbrush, cleanup is easy. Airbrushes aren’t meant to spray large projects, but they are perfect for small to medium projects and for finishing small turnings including pens.
  • User-friendly; practically “plug and play”
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Easy to clean