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BEHLEN Qualalacq Lacquer

Qualalacq Lacquer, Gloss, Quart
Qualalacq Lacquer, Satin, Quart
Qualalacq Sanding Sealer, Quart
Qualalacq Thinner Quart
Behlen Retarder Quart
Behlen Qualalacq Thinner- Gallon
This Nitrocellulose based lacquer is Behlen’s top of the line clear spraying lacquer. It is highly resistant to alcohol, water, moderate heat and abrasion. It’s been designed to form a hard film capable of taking punishment that would ruin most other lacquers and finishes. Application: spray gun.

Qualalacq Sanding Sealer
. Produces a smooth, hard, clear seal coat as a foundation for Qualalacq lacquer. Light in color and high in solids boasting maximum adhesion with exceptional flow-out properties. Dries in 45 minutes and may be used under any lacquer except those containing acrylics or shellacs. Application: spray gun.

Qualalacq Thinner. A special blend of solvents formulated for use in Nitrocellulose lacquers to promote (thin) flow.

Lacquer Additive - Retarder
is a blend of solvents designed to help prevent blushing which results from moisture retention by the lacquer. Use when relative humidity is 50% or higher.

Lacquer Additive - Flattener
is a transparent liquid flattening additive which reduces the sheen of lacquer finishes. A gallon of gloss lacquer requires 16 oz. of flattener to convert it to a flat finish.

These items are restricted from shipping to the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California due to the State Sales Restriction Code of S-SCAQMD