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BioShield Primer Oil

Primer Oil #1 0.12 liter
Primer Oil #1 0.75 liter
Primer Oil #1 2.50 liter
The BioShield brand has revolutionized its product line by eliminating chemicals from its wood oils, stains, and floor finishes, reflecting its dedication to improving the health and wellness of customers – as well as the planet. Realizing the impact of chemical use on the environment, BioShield has chosen the “green” path to manufacturing, using only natural plant based oils, clays, minerals, wood resins and beeswax for its products. As soon as you open a BioShield product and smell the natural ingredients, you will know it is safe and healthy – and you are protecting your environment. BioShield products are made in Germany to the strictest standards and of highest quality raw materials available.

BioShield’s philosophy – a return to a more natural way of life – is reflected in the company’s use of natural plant based oils, clays, minerals, wood resins and beeswax to create healthy living oils for your home. BioShield Primer Oil is an economical, light-bodied, penetrating oil used to prime hardwoods in good condition and prime less absorbent surfaces. Primer Oil seals the surface in preparation for the finishing coat to follow. Use under BioShield’s Hard Oil and Floor & Furniture Hardwax. Coverage is approximately 100-150 square feet per liter depending on rate of absorbency. Dry time is 24 hours.