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Lin-Speed Gunstock Finish And Care Oil

Lin-Speed has been around for 62 years – since 1950. It’s simply highly refined, “kettle cooked” linseed oil with a touch of “petroleum thinner.” It is primarily a gunstock finish or at least was until we received our sample. We’d never heard of it, but it turns out we love this stuff. There are some application restrictions: bare wood (no sealer), 2-6 hours between coats (overnight is better,) and apply really thin coats with your fingertips (actually recommended), but what a beautiful, tough finish. Since it’s a gunstock finish, we used it on two skateboards one of the folks built (what better way to test it than on something destined for some hard use). We’ve also used it on tool handles, knife scales and small turnings, both indoors and out, and have no doubt the results will continue to please us as we discover more and more uses. Lin-Speed comes in a 2-oz. glass jar (store unused portion inverted), which is enough to finish 6 gunstocks.