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Tried & True Wood Finishes

Tried & True Original Wood Finish, Pint
Tried & True Original Wood Finish, Quart
Tried & True Varnish Oil, Pint
Tried & True Varnish Oil, Quart
Tried and True Danish Oil, Quart
Tried and True Danish Oil, Gallon
Tried and True Original, Gallon
Tried and True Varnish Oil Gallon
Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Premium oil finishes from 19th century recipes that are 100% solids and solvent free. These unique finishes are even safe for cutting boards, toys, and children's furniture. They comply with the FDA regulations (FDA 21 Sec. 175.300) as "safe for food contact surfaces". We've tried these in our shop and are very impressed with both the ease of application and quality of finish. Original Wood Finish is a highly polymerized linseed oil, combined with Beeswax. It dries to a fine finish reminiscent of the patina of well cared for antique furniture, yet it is durable and easy to use. It is commonly used on doors and windows, paneling and furniture. It may be used to revive any existing finish. Varnish Oil is highly polymerized linseed oil fortified with natural resin varnish. This is a semi-gloss topcoat that builds durability and sheen with each application. It has excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and takes a high polish. Applications are primarily to furniture (including table tops) and kitchen counter tops. Danish Oil is pure, moderately polymerized linseed oil. This penetrating oil produces a beautiful satin sheen. Apply to kitchenware, cabinets, or your interior woodwork for an easy and economical finish.