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High Speed Steel Parting Tools

Sorby High Speed Steel Parting Tool, 3/16" Thick High
$84.99 $74.99
Sorby High Speed Steel Parting Tool, 1/16" Thick
$61.19 $71.99
The unique design of these tools allow them to solve problems normally associated with parting-off or shaping end grain on the lathe. Blades are ground with a unique hollow ground edge that forms a pair of cutting spurs on each side of bevel edge.
  • These spurs score cross grain fibers and shear end grain leaving a smooth surface.
  • A taper is also ground back from the hollow ground edge to eliminate binding in the cut.
  • Blades are 6-1/2" long and are offered in thicknesses of 3/16" or 1/16" (2mm) thick.
  • The 1/16" model features an innovative secondary grind design near the parting tip for easier, quicker sharpening.
  • Handle length 11-1/2".