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Robert Sorby Micro Tool Systems

Sorby Micro Sandmaster
$62.04 $72.99
Sorby Micro Sandmaster 1" Sanding Disc, 180 Grit, 10 pack
$3.61 $4.25
Sorby Micro Sandmaster 1" Sanding Disc, 240 Grit, 10 pack
$3.61 $4.25
Sorby Micro Spiral Set
$79.89 $93.99
Sorby Micro Spindle Set
$63.74 $74.99
Sorby Micro Hollowing Set
$63.74 $74.99
Sorby Micro Tool System Handle
$25.07 $29.50
Sorby Micro Skew Chisel Blade 1/4"
$17.84 $20.99
Sorby Micro 1/2" Gouge Blade
$17.84 $20.99
Sorby Micro Round Scraper Blade
$17.84 $20.99
Sorby Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Blade
$17.84 $20.99
Sorby Micro Boring Blade
$17.84 $20.99
Sorby Micro Spiralling Texturing Cutter
$16.14 $18.99
Sorby Micro Spiralling Cutter Medium
$11.08 $12.50
Sorby Micro Spiralling Cutter Fine
$11.08 $12.50
Sorby Micro Sandmaster 1" Pad
$21.24 $24.99
Sorby Micro Sandmaster Head Only
$39.09 $45.99
Robert Sorby continues to lead the way in innovation with the introduction of the all new Micro Tool System. Turning tools specifically designed for small projects, but perfectly capable of being used on larger projects. The system features beautifully engineered burgundy anodized aluminum handles and is comprised of four separate sets of tools. Micro Sandmaster The introduction of the Micro Sandmaster comes from an increased interest by woodturners in producing smaller, more delicate work. The system uses the same free spinning technology as the large Sandmaster but in micro, using a 1" (25mm) a foam pad and 1" (25mm) hook and loop style abrasive discs. The head can be adjusted for ease of access in those awkward to reach spots. Each set contains the anodized aluminum handle, a micro Sandmaster head, a 1" (25mm) foam pad and eight abrasive discs, two of each of the 120, 180, 240 and 400 grits, three Allen keys and an instruction leaflet. Micro Spiral Set Adding decorations like spirals to turned pieces was once out of reach for most turners. Now anyone can create spirals, both left and right handed, to your heart's content. The Mirco Spiral Tool features an innovative rest, which not only maintains the proper position for cutting spirals, but also has indexed reference positions for replication of the spirals. Differing pitch and twist profiles are made possible by altering the presentation angle of the cutter. Adding decorative spirals to goblets, candle holders, boxes, vases, bowls has never been easier. Each set comes complete with a fine and medium cutter, the anodized aluminum handle and two Allen keys. Micro Spindle Set Turning fine intricate spindles or just plain, small spindles? The Micro Spindle Set is the right size, with just the right tools for the job. The set features aluminum handles and the following interchangeable blades: a 1/2" (13mm) gouge for roughing down and basic shape and design, a 1/4" (6mm) skew for fine detail, a 5/32" (4mm) beading and parting tool for detailing or parting off and one Allen key. This set is also ideal for pen turners. Micro Hollowing Set The Micro Hollowing Set is ideal for the turner producing delicate, miniature boxes, ornaments, vases or other hollow forms. It utilizes the same anodized aluminum handle as the other micro sets along with a specifically designed micro boring tool for initial waste removal. Includes a micro swan neck hollowing tool, a micro round nose scraper and one Allen key. Micro Tool Systems Handle Extra handle for the Sorby Micro Tool Systems.