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SORBY Oval Skew Chisels

Sorby Oval Skew Chisel 1/2"
$45.04 $52.99
Sorby Oval Skew Chisel 3/4"
$50.99 $59.99
Sorby Oval Skew Chisel 1"
$55.24 $64.99
Sorby Oval Skew Chisel 1-1/4"
$80.74 $94.99
Uniquely designed to overcome the problems inherent to traditional rectangular shaped skews, their smoothly ground curved sides move effortlessly across tool rests because there are no sharp corners to catch.
  • The oval design is extremely strong, yet is light in weight providing an added sensitivity for fine finishing cuts.
  • A single flat edge also gives the necessary support for cutting shoulders and ends.
  • 6" HSS blades with 10" hardwood handles.