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Spyderco Sharpening Stones

Spyderco Bench Stone Set, 2"x 8"
Spyderco Ceramic File Set, Fine/1800 Grit, 4 pack
Spyderco Bench Stone 2" x 8", Medium/600 Grit
Spyderco Bench Stone 2" x 8", Fine/1800 Grit
Spyderco Bench Stone 2" x 8", Fine/2000 Grit
Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker
Spyderco Double Stuff Ceramic Stone
Spyderco sharpening stones are ceramic stones but unlike man-made Japanese water or ceramic stones, Spyderco's stones require no lubrication of any kind.
  • No oil
  • No water
  • No slurry
  • Best of all, no mess
The medium (brown) stones have a grain structure ideal for quick stock removal such as re-shaping a blade or removing nicks and because of this unique grain structure, will show wear over time or with heavy use. The fine and ultra fine (white) stones do not wear at all and have a grain structure that excels polishing the edge of any steel. Spyderco stones do not require any special maintenance such as flattening, simply an occasional cleaning with any powered cleanser is all that's needed to refresh the surface and keep these stones in top shape. Bench Stones
  • Spyderco bench stones are flat (guaranteed within .020) and broad (2" x 8").
  • Ideal for sharpening and polishing a wide variety of tools from chisels to plane blades.
  • Each stones comes packed in a rigid polymer case with rubber feet that protects the stone and provides a base for table top use.
Pocket Hones:
  • At just 1" x 5", these Pocket Hones are just the right size for a multitude of jobs around shop and on the go.
  • From pocket knives to small carving tools or any sharpening task too small for a bench stone.
  • Leather pouch included.
File Set The multiple profiles offered in this set are perfect for the small wood carving tools. Removing burrs after sharpening, touching up an edge or giving a final polishing are just a few of the things you can do with these files.
  • All the files are a single grit-fine/1800 grit.
  • Like other Spyderco "white" stones, these do not wear so there is never a need to fix an edge or surface of the file due to use.
  • The set of four files includes the following; round, square, triangle and heart shaped slip - and comes conveniently packaged in a protective, snap-front suede pouch.
  • Don't miss this extraordinary value!
ProFiles Originally designed for use in the field to sharpen knives and fish hooks, you'll find ProFiles just as useful in the shop or kitchen for a variety of sharpening jobs from shop and pocket knives to drawknives and spokeshaves. The set includes:
  • 2 files (1 medium/600 grit and 1 fine/1800 grit)
  • 3/4" wide by 8" long
  • Elliptical in profile shape.
Each file has:
  • A flat surface and large radius for plain edges
  • A small radius for serrated edges,
  • A groove that runs the length of the stone for sharpening pointed objects like fishhooks, awls and darts.