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DMT 12" Diamond Steel Extra-Fine Sharpening Stone

DMT 12" Diamond Steel Extra-fine Sharpening Stone
DMT 12" Diamond Steel Fine Sharpening Stone
DMT 14 " Diamond Steel Fine Sharpening Stone
Get fast sharpening and realigning of your knife with both DMT® Diamond Steel™ and Ceramic Sharpeners. (Traditional butcher steels do not sharpen, only realign.) The Diamond and Ceramic steels offer sanitary black plastic handle with large guard and color coded ring for easy grit designation and hang-up. Offered in 14", 12" and 10" lengths in Diamond grits of Fine or Extra-Fine; 12" length in Ceramic. F-Fine (Red 25 micron / 600 mesh); E- Extra-Fine (Green 9 micron / 1200 mesh). Diamond Steel: Rod: 14" x .375" (356 mm x 10 mm) Rod: 12" x .375" (304 mm x 10 mm) Rod: 10" x .375" (254 mm x 10 mm)
  • FAST: Hardest material, most efficient sharpening abrasive; available in unique interrupted surface and continuous surface
  • EASY: Light pressure produces a sharp edge with just a few strokes
  • CLEAN: Use water for lubrication- no oil, smell or mess
  • VERSATILE: Hones ALL hard materials: carbide, steel, etc
  • DURABLE: Starts flat, stays flat - provides years of consistent, reliable use
  • Made in USA
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