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FLEXCUT Carvin' Jack

Flexcut Carvin' Jack, Right Hand
$118.39 $147.99
Flexcut Carvin' Jack, Left Hand
$118.39 $147.99
Flexcut Pocket Jack for Carvin'
$67.99 $84.99
Flexcut Whittlin Jack
$40.76 $50.95
Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set
$43.99 $54.99
Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro
$71.99 $89.99
Flexcut Detail Jack
$31.99 $39.99
Carry a complete carving kit in your pocket! The blades of this unique carving tool fold into their handle just like a pocket knife's blades. Professional carvers will love the high quality edge-holding features of Flexcut's resilient spring steel blades.
  • The Carvin' Jack features six tools: 3/4" #7 sweep knife blade; 3/8" #6 scorp; 3/8" #11 gouge; 3/8" #1 straight chisel; 1-3/8" detail carving knife; 1/4" 70ยบ V scorp.
  • All tools securely lock in both opened and closed positions.
  • Conveniently sized at only 4-1/4" long, 15/16" tall, and 5/8" thick when closed, about the same size as a large pocket knife.
  • Carry it with you and you'll never be caught without carving and whittling tools again!