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Pinnacle Replacement Plane Blades for Veritas

Working together with renowned blade manufacturer, IBC, Woodcraft is proud to introduce the new line of Pinnacle® plane blades. The evidence of IBC’s plane blade manufacturing expertise is extensive, but its name is still vastly unknown to wood workers. Woodcraft is proud to finally, and formally, introduce IBC to the woodworking world. Instead of being the best kept secret in woodworking industry, the goal of the IBC brand is to become synonymous with ‘the best plane irons in woodworking’. Match these blades against any other will not regret it. You won’t need to examine the factory edge under a microscope to see these blades are superior, you’ll feel it the first time you use one! All blades 100% Made in Canada.
  • A-2 Tool Steel
  • Double Tempered To 60-62 HRc
  • Fully Stress Relieved
  • Air Hardened
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Honed Razor Sharp - "Will Shave Hair Out Of The Box"
  • Fully Demagnetized
  • Precision Ground Top/Bottom
  • Precision Ground/Hand Polished Sides
  • Rust Protection: Micro-Thin Film, Water Soluble Rust
  • Inhibitor Rust Inhibitor Paper Wrap

All IBC Products Are 100% Manufactured In Canada
These blades are designed for and are 100% compatible with the Veritas® planes. All blades are A2, Rc 60-62.

Pinnacle Matched Chip Breaker & Blade Sets for Veritas Bench Planes
Performance begins with the blade. IBC blades are the best kept secret in the industry and as they continue their quest for perfection, they realized that better blades deserved a better chipbreaker. The innovation starts with design and materials: O-1 Steel is hardened to 30-32HRc then precision machined and sharpened to provide a durable, perfectly-mating edge that fully supports the blade. This greatly reduces vibration and chatter which leads to a finer, consistent shaving. Each chipbreaker is matched - ground and serialized to its blade at the time manufacture for a perfect match. The sides are precision ground and hand polished to a beautiful finish. Made in Canada. Not O.E.M.

Blades Specifications:
  • Razor Sharp - "Out Of The Box"
  • A-2 Tool Steel, Double Tempered To 60-62 HRc
  • Fully Stress Relieved and Air Hardened
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Fully Demagnetized
  • Precision Ground Top/Bottom
  • Precision Ground/Hand Polished Sides
  • Ships with Micro-Thin, Water Soluble Rust Inhibitor

ChipBreaker Specifications:

  • O-1 Steel
  • Hardened to 30-32HRc
  • Precision machined and sharpened mating edge
  • Precision Matched - Ground and Serialized to each Blade
  • Revolutionary Blade Adjuster Tabs
  • Precision ground polished edges
  • Flat to 0.0005" across leading edge