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Painter’s Halo

Painter's Halo, Quart
Painter's Halo, Gallon
The rim on a standard round can of paint or finish is where lid and can meet. It’s actually complicated bent metal which is designed in conjunction with the lid, to close and seal the can, but we all know it’s really used to collect finish and paint. The Painter’s Halo is a silicone ring designed to get to that trough first to plug it and thus prevent it from filling up. Painter’s Halo keeps the can rim clean and free of finish or paint. Plus the halo is silicone which means it can be cleaned and used for years to come on many different cans. Comes in two sizes – quart and gallon. 
  • Durable silicone ring 
  • Fills the paint or finish can’s rim 
  • Makes cleanup a snap