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Versa Spin 360

Versa Spin 360 11"
Versa Spin 360 16"
Painter's Pyramid 10-Pack, New Improved
Painter's Pyramid Grabbers 4-Pack
Painter's Pyramids and Grabbers, 4-Pack
The Versa Spin™ 360 is a unique and versatile project support that permits you to securely and effortlessly rotate projects to improve results and save time and effort. With the included Painter’s Pyramids® and Grabbers™, it can be used for a wide variety of projects like sanding, light machining, painting, decoupage, arranging flowers or fruit and cake decorating. It comes in two sizes: 16" with 100-lb. capacity and an 11" with a 25-lb. capacity. 
  • Available in two sizes 
  • Easy to operate and versatile 
  • Saves time and effort