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ARBORTECH Power Chisel

Arbortech Power Chisel
Arbortech Chisel, 5 piece
Arbortech Chisel, 3 piece
A high powered reciprocating chisel will save you time and reduce fatigue while working on everything from detailed carvings to rough work. The new Arbortech Power Chisel operates at 12,000 strokes per minute providing smooth action and excellent control to make quick work of labor-intensive operations. The powerful 700-watt motor delivers a low vibration and deep penetrating cut. As a safety precaution, the quick-change chisels are only active when pressed into the workpiece. Kit includes:
  • 20mm flat chisel
  • 20mm No. 7 gouge
  • 25ml of lubricant
5 Piece Chisel Pack includes: the following:
  • 20mm No. 3 gouge
  • 12mm No. 5 gouge
  • 13mm No. 9 gouge
  • 7mm No. 11 gouge
  • 60° 8mm No. 12 gouge
The 3 Piece Chisel Pack includes:
  • 7mm No. 8
  • 18mm 90º deep V
  • 20mm No. 9
Blades require honing before use.