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Nova DVR XP Lathe
$1,899.99 $2,399.99
20" Nova Bed Segment
Nova Bed Extension Swing-Away
Teknatool Cast Iron Leg Set
Nova Outboard Tool Rest Assembly
Nova 1" Shank Heavy Duty Bowl Rest
Nova 4" Tool Rest
Nova Handwheel
Replacement Belt for Nova 3000 & Nova 1624-44
NOVA 25048 Hybrid Stand Lathe Accessory
Swivel head with spindle lock and 24 position indexing, large capacity, and solid cast iron construction makes this lathe second to none.

Headstock is one solid casting which not only increases strength, but also provides greater vibration dampening properties and aids in increased overall performance
Micro chip enables faster processing and the ability to upgrade firm ware which will allow for potential software upgrades
Pre-program up to 5 speeds into the computer so that they are selectable at the push of a button, and easily modified using the up/down buttons
Torque is in the up to 1000 RPM range (compared with DVR 3000 spec's) due to a unique direct magnetic attraction principle where torque is not dependant on speed
1-3/4 HP, 115v (2HP 220v) motor is direct drive, using one-piece rotors and no pulleys or belts, which results in the smoothest turning platform available
No pulleys or belts are needed, so the energy transfer is 100% to the spindle
Ability to use a 15 Amp, 115V circuit; motor runs efficiently on voltages that fry standard wire wound motors, within a range of 90 to 250V
The laminated solid steel rotor eliminates rotor wear
No belts or pulleys, so lathe durability is greater, because the only wear points are the spindle bearings
Enhanced safety because the motor cannot restart on it's own after a power interruption
Circuitry is sensitive enough to read and adjust to abnormal cutting conditions, which bring on a power cut, in less than a single rotation of the spindle
Speed is variable, in 5 RPM steps, from 100 to 3500 rpm through touch pad electronic circuitry


Precisely machined cast iron bed extensions allow you to increase bed length by 21" per segment and use alignment pins to ensure overall bed accuracy as you add extensions
Swivel head features a unique detent lock for absolutely perfect alignment with the bed and can be locked in any position through 360° for added turning flexibility
Includes combined headstock/bed unit and one bed extension for 24" between centers and up to 16" swing over the bed
1-1/4" x 8 TPI spindle, 3" faceplate, 12" tool rest, #2 MT live tail center, and #2 MT drive center
Full five year limited warranty

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