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Colt 5 Star Pen Maker's Bit

Colt 11 mm Pen Maker Bit
$19.16 $21.99
Colt 14 mm Pen Maker Bit
$24.21 $27.49
Colt 15 mm Pen Maker Bit
$35.32 $38.99
Colt 5/16" Pen Maker Bit
$12.09 $13.49
Colt 11/32" Pen Maker Bit
$13.10 $15.49
Colt 13/32" Pen Maker Bit
$18.15 $20.50
Are you fed up with the problems created by conventional wood bits? No more! Enter the Colt 5 Star Pen Maker’s Bit. Made by one of Germany’s finest drill bit manufacturers from M2 HSS, these bits feature a patented design that allows for straight and accurate bores. The 25° Twinland Parabolic Flute and 4 pt cutting tip bores up to 6x faster removing debris more effectively than conventional bits. Bit shanks 27/64″ and 11mm or larger have shanks reduced to 25/64″.
  • Improved operator control
  • Cleaner exit holes
  • Sharper and stays sharper longer
  • Special tip design optimized for end grain