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Porter-Cable 12" Dovetail Jig

Porter-Cable 12" Dovetail Jigs, Deluxe Model 4212
Porter-Cable 12" Dovetail Jig, Model 4210
Porter-Cable 12" Deluxe Dovetail Jig Combination Kit, Model 4216
Miniature Template Kit
Through/Box Template Kit
Whiteside 1064A Replacement Router Bit Straight 1/2" Shank 13/32" D x 1" CL
Whiteside D7-531 Replacement Router Bit Dovetail 1/2" Shank 17/32" D x 7
Whiteside Replacement Router Bit Set Of 2 Straight And Dovetail
Whiteside D7-530 Replacement Router Bit Dovetail 1/4" Shank 17/32" D x 7 Degree
Model 4210. If you've put off cutting dovetails with your router because of the complicated set-up of dovetail jigs, wait no longer. Porter-Cable's new 12" dovetail jig will have you up and cutting dovetails in minutes. This jig is designed with patented alignment lines and a router bit depth stop so set-up is easy. Simply adjust the template so the alignment marks line up with your work piece, set your router bit depth according to the depth stop, and start routing.

  • Jig will cut half-blind dovetails, rabbeted half-blind dovetails and dovetail dadoes
  • Heavy-duty cam-type clamps with sandpaper-backed locking bars provide a solid grip for the wood
  • Template is CNC machined aluminum to provide superior accuracy
  • Handles stock 1/4" to 1-1/8" thick up to 12" wide

    Includes: Half-blind/dado combo template, 7ยบ carbide dovetail bit with 1/2" shank, Template guide, Lock nut, Instructions and Wrench.

    Deluxe Model 4212
    . All the features of the model 4210 plus through dovetails and box joints with an additional CNC machined aluminum template. Includes Model 4210 components plus: through dovetail/box joint combo template, 1/2" shank carbide-tipped straight bit, second template guide and lock nut.