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pfeil Swiss made Scorp

pfeil Swiss made Scorp
pfeil Swiss made Single Handled Scorp, 65 mm
pfeil Swiss made Double Handled Scorp, 160 mm
From the makers of pfeil Swiss made Tools. Scorps or inshaves are the perfect tools for hollowing concave surfaces such as chair seats and bowls. We’ve worked with pfeil to optimize the angle of handle to approximately 135 degrees to allow effective edge engagement while allowing adequate clearance your hands. Winsor chair makers will find this design easy on their knuckles!

Like all Swiss made tools, these follow pfeil’s legendary quality formula of the highest grade, hardened steel, polished and ground to a razor sharp edge and are ready to use right from the box. 1-1/2 blade width for a lifetime of use. The single handle version has 2-1/2" radius and 5" natural oil finished Cherry handles.

#11V51 Scorp - A roughing-out tool for making bowls, spoons, and similar concave shapes. The comfortable hardwood handle can be gripped firmly for quick, accurate cuts. The thick shank reduces chatter and increases accuracy. Width of offset blade 1-1/4", overall length 7". Honing required before use. These tools are factory ground and require honing before use.

Woodcraft's Sharpening Shop can expertly hone your tools prior to shipping. Simply add the appropriate number of sharpenings to your cart before checking out.