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Standard Quartz Movements

Standard Quartz Movements, No Pendulum Version
Standard Quartz Movements, Adjustable Pendulum Version
Available with adjustable pendulum (3722X, depth 1-1/4") or without (3723X, depth 1"). Same features as the ultra thin quartz, but with more powerful drive capacity (up to 6" hands). The pendulum version has a pendulum adjustable up to 17-1/2" from center of handshaft to center of the 2-3/4" diameter brass bob. Both movements run approximately two years on a "C" size battery (not included) and can accommodate dials up to 3/8" thick. Each comes complete with hanging bracket, mounting nut, spacers, hands and handnut.Note: To install simply insert handshaft of movement through dial hole and secure with included mounting nut. Slip on hour, minute and second hands, and install battery.Ordering Note: When you select your movement and click "Additional Info" you can enter the number of movements you want to order. When you click continue, you will be presented with a list of hands that work with your movement. Choose any hands you like up to the quantity of clocks your are ordering. Be sure to choose lengths that are appropriate for the clock faces you'll be using.