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Vaughan Hammers & Mallets

Vaughan DO10 Professional Curved Claw Hammer, 10oz
Vaughan DO13 Professional Curved Claw Hammer, 13oz
Vaughan DO16 Professional Curved Claw Hammer, 16oz
Vaughan Bill Poster Magnetic 5oz Tack Hammer
Vaughan RM150  1-1/2'' Rawhide Mallet
Vaughan RM12DB Non-Marring Rubber Mallet 12oz
Vaughan and Bushnell Mfg. Co. began making tools in the USA in 1869. Today, Vaughan® is the largest manufacturer of striking tools in the world. All Vaughan tools are made with exceptional attention to detail which is a reflection of the dedicated craftsmen who produce the products and the Vaughan family that, after 5 generations, still runs the company. It might be difficult to consider a common hammer as an investment, but Vaughan doesn’t make common hammers. Many of the hammer styles in use today were introduced by Vaughan – from the distinctive curve of the claw to the set of the handle to the shape of the head – all resulting from a commitment to constantly improve hammers and extensive field testing. Vaughan doesn’t make a common hammer, and unless otherwise noted, your hammer is made in the USA.