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Diamond Tip Carving Burr Sets

WoodRiver Diamond Dust Carving Burr Set, 3/32" Shank, 20 pack
WoodRiver Diamond Dust Carving Burr Set, 1/8" Shank, 20 pack
Hobbyist and seasoned pro alike will find themselves creating unbelievable detail with these diamond tip burrs and a rotary power carver. Long a favorite of jewelers and metalworkers, diamond burrs are being discovered by woodworkers and woodcarvers. Renowned for their hardness, diamonds are estimated to be 1500 times harder than the hardest metal.
  • Bits offer fast but controlled cutting action
  • 3/32" shank set is ideal for final finishing and intricate detail work like feathering a decoy or creating scales on a fish
  • 1/8" shank set is useful for more aggressive material removal
  • Choose from our hobbyist or industrial quality sets
  • All sets have a similar assortment of bits