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Galahad Carving Discs

King Arthur's Tools Galahad CG Round Profile Carving Disc
King Arthur's Tools Galahad CG Flat Profile Carving Disc
King Arthur's Tools Galahad CG Tungsten Carbide Shaping Discs are ideal for home and Do-It-Yourselfers. Features patented, randomly spaced, tungsten carbide crushed grits that move effortlessly with or against the grain on all types of wood. The sharp, long wearing grits provide superior surface removal with a very smooth action, making the Galahad CG Disc very easy to control. Used with a 4-1/2" angle grinder, the Galahad CG Round Profile Carving Disc can be used on both its face or edge surfaces. These excellent, high quality discs rapidly and easily shape wood or remove high spots and ridges to complete your final shaping.  Choose from Round or Flat profiles. 
  • Use on both the face and edge surfaces
  • Carving Disc does not heat up
  • Fast, efficient & highly maneuverable
  • Requires little maintenance besides easy cleaning
  • Vastly improves productivity & creativity over conventional accessories
  • 4-1/2" diameter x 7/8" center (125mm x 22mm)
  • For use with most standard 4-1/2" – 5" (115mm-125mm) angle grinders
  • Great for remodeling, construction, landscaping, and more
  • Use on wood, soapstone, fiberglass, plastic, solid rubber, foam core, polyurethane, silicone and composite materials