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Flexcut Power Carver Blades

Flexcut #11 Sweep Gouge 1/8"
Flexcut 70 Degree V-Parting Tool, 1/4"
Flexcut 70 Degree V-Parting Tool, 3/8"
Flexcut #8 Sweep Gouge 3/8"
Flexcut No. 28 Spoon Gouge 1/2"
Flexcut #8 Sweep Gouge 1/2"
Flexcut #3 Sweep Gouge 1"
Flexcut #5 Sweep Gouge 7/8"
Flexcut Chisel 1"
Automach Adapters, 20 pack
Flexcut 19 Pocket Tool Roll
Flexcut Detail Gouge Set
Flexcut Roughing Gouge Set
Flexcut Deluxe Gouge Set
Flexcut Quick Connect Palm Handle
If you own a reciprocating power carver and are frustrated with the lack of available cutting blade profiles - read on! Flexcut has developed a new line of quality blades for reciprocating power carvers in the sizes and profiles you need most. The same low resistance cutting edge that Flexcut is known for now allows your Ryobi, Proxxon, or Automach carver to work less and carve more. Automach machines require brass adapters, available separately. Detail Gouge Set contains a 3/8" No. 3, 3/8" No. 6, and 1/8" No. 11 gouge, and a 1/4" 70° V-parting tool. Roughing Gouge Set contains a 5/8" No. 3, 5/8" No. 5, 3/8" No. 8 gouge, and a 3/8" 70° V-parting tool. Deluxe Gouge Set contains 14 of the tools listed below (does not include the 1/2" No. 28 spoon gouge or the 1" chisel). 19 Pocket Tool Roll. Made to fit Flexcut blades, this tool roll is perfect for chip carving knives and power carver blades. 23" long x 6-3/4" wide, it features one 2-1/2" wide pocket, six 1-1/4" wide pockets, and twelve 1" wide pockets, all 3" deep. A corded tie string keeps the tool roll secured to protect your tools during transportation or storage. Flexcut Quick Connect Palm Hand converts the power carver blades for hand use.