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BLUM Compact Face Frame Hinges

Blum 1/2" Face Frame Compact Cabinet Hinge, 2 pack
Blum 3/4" Face Frame Compact Cabinet Hinge, 2 pack
Blum 1/2" Edge Mount Compact Cabinet Hinge, 2 pack
Forstner Bit, Carbide Tipped, 35mm
Blum's 38N series Compact Hinges are specifically designed for face frame cabinetry and provide all of the advantages that come with concealed hinges. The Compact 38N is the highest quality face frame hinge for small overlays. Its integrated cam depth adjustment, along with its proven side and height adjustment, enable a quick and simple 3-dimensional door adjustment.
  • All hinges are equipped with a self-closing mechanism which guarantees that the door will close securely.
  • We offer both a Wrap Mount (face frame) and an Edge Mount design.
  • Packaged in pairs with screws and instructions.