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Micro Jig ZeroPlay Miter Guide Bar System

Micro Jig Single ZeroPlay Miter Guide Bar
Micro Jig ZeroPlay Miter Guide Stop
$5.94 $6.99
Micro Jig ZeroPlay Guide Bar System
Reach new levels of accuracy with the ZeroPlay Guide Bar. The one-touch calibration miter bar system makes it easy to adjust to the exact width of your miter slot. Build precision jigs with a miter bar that has no side-to-side play.
  • Create perfectly square cross cut jigs without any trial and error set-screw adjustment along the miter bar
  • Easily square jig to the blade adjustment while securing through the top of the sled
  • Build a small cut-off jig that’s easy to carry and store, or build larger jigs with multiple ZeroPlay Guide Bars in tandem with custom spacing
  • Retro-Fit your existing cross-cut jigs for improved precision
  • ZeroPlay Stops serve as an anchor for your clamping devices within the miter slot
  • Build a table saw fence for milling cove molding with the ZeroPlay Stop