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WoodRiver Guide Rail System

56" WoodRiver Guide Rail
WoodRiver Guide Rail Connector
WoodRiver Guide Rail Clamp Pair
WoodRiver Guide Rail Angle Jig
WoodRiver Guide Rail 4' x 8' Kit
WoodRiver Clamp Guide Universal Base for Routers and Circular Saws
Ultimate Plywood Rip & Rout Guide Kit
This system will allow you to place a tool guide for ripping, cross-cutting or routing at an acute angle on any size panel.
  • 56″ Guide Rail component features same heavy-duty aluminum extrusion used in the WoodRiver Clamp Guides
  • Guide Rail component has 21/8″ x 1/2″ profile with integral 1/4″ T-tracks
  • Guide Rail Connector locks together multiple guide rails to form a continuous guide for your circular saw or router across any length material
  • Guide Rail Clamps secure the guide rail at each end
  • Clamps swivel about the "T" shaped anchor at any angle
  • Clamps can be placed at any position along the underside of the guide rail extrusion
  • Unique Angle Jig acts as a miter gauge for the Guide Rail System
  • vAngle Jig references any angle from the edge between ±60° Angle Jig has positive stops at 90°, ±30°, ±45° and ±60°
  • 11-1/2" x 6-3/4" Clamp Guide Universal Base is perfect for mounting your circular saw or router
  • Universal Base slides precisely in the T-Track slot of the Guide Rail component