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Magswitch MagJig Universal Base System

Magswitch Workholding Dual Roller Guide Tool Attachment
Magswitch Workholding Resaw Guide Tool Attachment
Magswitch Workholding Universal Mounting Base
Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Tool Attachment
Vertical Attachment Risers
Magswitch MagJig 95 Switchable Magnet
Magswitch MagJig 150 Switchable Magnet
Magswitch Workholding System Starter Kit
Magswitch Reversible Featherboard Tool Attachment
Magswitch Ultimate Thin Stock Hold-Down/Rip Guide Tool Attachment
18" Magswitch Workholding Universal Track Tool Attachment
36" Magswitch Workholding Universal Track Tool Attachment
Magswitch MagJig Universal Base SystemMagswitch technology is revolutionizing woodworking, giving you unmatched ability to hold your work on any steel or cast-iron table. The innovative MagJig Universal Base System is a modular design that combines new and existing components to create unique jigs for holding workpieces for safer, more precise operations. Future Magswitch products will be designed around this versatile platform. 

MagJig Universal Base Combo Kit includes one MagJig Dual Roller Fence, one MagJig Resaw Fence, one MagJig Universal Base, two 30mm MagJigs and necessary hardware.

MagJig Dual Roller Fence is the ultimate third hand when you are doing the most difficult and dangerous work. It helps supports a tall panel, hold down a long piece of wood or steady your resaw projects.
  • Designed for use with Magswitch Universal Mounting Base
  • Two sets of precision sealed roller bearings
  • Smooth non-maring flow of material
MagJig Resaw Fence is a ball-bearing guided support that allows wood to flow more smoothly than anything you have ever tried. Angled to allow for blade drift, it also makes a perfect outfeed work support.
  • Designed for use with MagJig Universal Mounting Base
  • One set of precision sealed roller bearings
  • Smooth, non-maring flow of material
  • Perfect for infeed outfeed applications
  • Angled face aids in adjusting for blade drift
MagJig Universal Base allows you to attach a variety of current and future Magswitch accessories.
  • Accepts all Magswitch MagJig Universal accessories
  • Included adaptors allow use of either 20mm or 30mm MagJigs
  • 20mm or 30mm MagJigs sold separately
  • Expandable for use with future Magswitch products
Pro Model Vertical Attachment is really three tools in one! It can be installed on the MagJig Universal Base and used as a vertical hold-down or conventional featherboard. It can also be installed on the Pro Model Featherboard as a vertical hold-down or stacked for tandem use.
  • Attaches to MagJig Universal Base or Pro Model Featherboard
  • Adjust vertically and horizontally
  • Includes one set of risers, 90° arms and hardware
Vertical Attachment Risers include two sets of risers and necessary hardware for stacking featherboards.