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INCRA T-Track Accessories

Woodpeckers Plastic Knob Kit, 12 piece
WOODPECKERS 16-Piece Knurled Thumb Nut Kit
Woodpeckers 1/2-Inch Track Stop Kit
Woodpeckers #10-32 Oval Nut, 10 pack
Woodpeckers 1/4"-20 Oval Nut, 10 pack
Woodpeckers Deluxe Hold Down Clamp
Whether you're enhancing an existing fixture or building a new jig from scratch, these T-Track accessories will complement any 1/4" T-Track that accepts standard 1/4" bolt heads.

12 Pc. Plastic Knob Kit includes 4 each: 3" all-thread 1/4" bolts and matching large plastic knobs and steel washers.

16 Pc. Brass Knob Kit features knurled brass knobs and includes 4 each: 3" all-thread 1/4" bolts and matching solid-brass knurled knobs, steel washers, and nylon spacers.

1/2" Track Stop Kit includes a pair of anodized aluminum "L"-shaped stops that extend 1/2" below the anchoring point and the necessary hardware to interface with any 1/4" T-Track.

Oval Nut 10 Pack include either #10-32 or 1/4-20 oval nuts that are 7/16" wide (like a 1/4" bolt head), but unlike a conventional nut the thinner oval nut will slide easily in low-profile 1/4" T-Track. These steel nuts are drilled and tapped to the specified thread side and are plated for durability.

Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp is by far one of the easiest ways to clamp wood along a T-Track and has more capacity than most surface-mount toggle clamps.

Better than other hold-down clamps,
  • The Woodpecker version has rubber tipped ends to dramatically increase grip on both surfaces and to reduce denting of your work piece.
  • There is also a pivot cross-dowel that ensures the clamp bolt always sits perpendicular to the work surface.
  • The hold-down includes a 3" long 1/4" hex head bolt, washer and knob.
Woodpecker TrackLOCK is a device designed to interlock a piece of INCRA T-Track Plus by overlapping a separate 1/4" T-Track or another piece of T-Track Plus.
  • This is especially handy for those woodworkers building fixtures, drill press tables or router tables.
  • With a quarter turn of the cam lever, the upper T-Track Plus is released allowing free movement perpendicular to the bottom track.
  • A brass knob secures the TrackLOCK from parallel movement in the lower track.
  • When multiple bottom tracks are installed in a parallel configuration, the upper T-Track Plus can be laterally shifted across a greater range.
  • Sold in pairs.