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Frame and Panel Templates

Frame and Panel Master
Arched Templates (20)
Trying to make curved frames and panels for doors is time-consuming at best. It seems all of the curves have a different radius. To make matters more difficult the radius of the panel and rail must be slightly different to fit together properly. These templates solve this problem because the layout work is done for you. Each set is machined on CNC equipment for a precise fit every time. The sets are made of wear resistant and dimensionally stable 3/8" thick HDPE, each set contains twenty templates designed for 9-1/2" to 22-1/2" wide doors.
  • Each set of templates includes two sets of indexing fences, which attach to indexing holes in the template, allowing you to center and square your work perfectly.
  • Use the templates to mark the cut line on the work. After rough sawing the work to size, fasten the template to the work with double face tape, or the Frame & Panel Master.
  • Use a flush trim bit to complete the contour and voila! Perfect frame and panels every time.
  • The Frame & Panel Master indexes, centers and clamps the work and template together for machining.
  • Large feed handles provide maximum control and safety.
  • Use it for both the flush trimming operation and the panel or pattern cut.
  • Insures consistent positioning and precise machining of both the panels and frames.
  • Converts from one operation to the other in seconds.
  • The Panel Master is much quicker than double face taping the template to the work.