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INCRA T-Track and T-Track Plus

Incra T-Track, 18" Length
$8.29 $9.75
Incra T-Track, 24" Length
$10.19 $11.99
Incra T-Track, 36" Length
$12.74 $14.99
Incra T-Track, 48" Length
$16.14 $18.99
Incra T-Track Plus, 18" Length
$9.78 $11.50
Incra T-Track Plus, 24" Length
$11.89 $13.99
Incra T-Track Plus, 36" Length
$14.27 $16.79
Incra T-Track Plus, 48" Length
$18.69 $21.99
Woodpeckers Plastic Knob Kit, 12 piece
$7.23 $8.50
WOODPECKERS 16-Piece Knurled Thumb Nut Kit
$5.94 $6.99
Woodpeckers 1/2-Inch Track Stop Kit
$5.94 $6.99
Woodpeckers #10-32 Oval Nut, 10 pack
$3.39 $3.99
Woodpeckers 1/4"-20 Oval Nut, 10 pack
$3.39 $3.99
Woodpeckers Deluxe Hold Down Clamp
$7.64 $8.99
Add accuracy and precision to your jigs and fixtures with T-Track and T-Track Plus from Incra. These tracks are designed with a host of enhancements. Like other tracks, the extruded anodized aluminum construction is designed to house a 1/4"-20 bolt head, but that’s where the similarity ends. First, these tracks feature a "well" in the extrusion allowing the track to be mounted using the included #8 pan head screws versus #6 flat head screws used by other tracks. The extra depth of the "well" allows the use of 1/4"-20 nuts that are not accommodated by other tracks. On the T-Track Plus there is the addition of a highly accurate Lexan scale that can be moved to a "zero" reference. The T-Track is sized for a 3/4" wide opening, the T-Track Plus is sized to fit a 1-1/4" wide opening.