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DrillRite Cabinetmaker's Jigs

DrillRite 35mm Hinge Jig and Bit
DrillRite Drawer Pull Jig
Common tasks like hanging hinges and drilling shelf pin or drawer handle holes can be greatly simplified with the proper jig. The problem? Most of those jigs are designed for commercial use and carry a price that reflects that! The new DrillRite Jigs are designed for the small shop and occasional cabinetmaker. They may not be pretty, but they'll get the job done accurately - at a great price! 35mm Hinge Jig is a plastic template for marking the hinge cup and screw positions for 35mm European style hinges. Includes a 35mm forstner bit. Drawer Pull Jig Mark the center of your drawer, adjust the fence for proper height, and mark your drill holes with a center punch. Jig is drilled for 6 handle widths from 2-1/2" to 4". May also be used on doors using similar pulls.