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Carbide Tip Forstner Bits

Forstner Bit Set, Carbide Tip, 16 Piece
$119.99 $167.99
Forstner Bit, Carbide Tipped, 35mm
This wood boxed Forstner set is a remarkable value. Sixteen bits, with carbide tips for long life, are neatly and conveniently ready when you need them. Sized by eighths, the bits drill holes from 1/4" to 2-1/8". Larger bits have shank diameters reduced to 3/8" to allow use with almost any drill press. Shank length ranges from 2-3/4" (for the larger diameter bits) to 3-1/8" on the smaller diameter bits. While ideally suited for drill press use, Forstner bits can be used in hand-held drills when run at extremely low speeds.