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Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer

Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer, Quart
Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer, Gallon
Carving or turning green wood is certainly faster and easier than working with dry stock. But sometimes the extra work involved with slowly and carefully drying the wood to avoid checking hardly seems worth the trouble. Not any more! Pentacryl is a revolutionary new product that combats the negative effects of drying by displacing water and moisture in the wood fibers. Your wood will dry quicker and more evenly, and the Pentacryl residue even lubricates your tools as you work.
  • This non-toxic solution doesn't stain the wood or affect finishing in any manner.
  • The recommended method of application is total immersion, but the product can also be brushed or sprayed.
  • Compared to the traditional wax coating method, you'll find the drying time reduced by as much as 90% with Pentacryl.
  • On average, a green 6" x 6" x 2" bowl blank would absorb 2 ounces of solution, be fully saturated in a week, and, if turned thin, dry in about three weeks.


Wood Juice
Wood Juice is a non-toxic compound of modified polymers specifically formulated to penetrate semi-dry and dry woods to help prevent checking and cracking. Even though wood may be relatively dry, it still breathes moisture, which causes wood to move and stress. Wood Juice applied prior to finishing, penetrates the wood by replacing the moisture, coating the cell walls and stabilizing the wood. Wood Juice is great for any outdoor project like Adirondack chairs, planting benches, picnic tables or for treating imported carvings, wood knife scales and pen blanks. If Wood Juice is used for outdoor items, the wood must be sealed with an exterior finish. Soap and water cleanup, contains low VOC’s and is approved by the Air Resources Board of California and Health Canada.

Working with spalted or "semi-punky" wood produces stunning results, but the varying wood densities create challenges for any woodworker. What do you do? Polycryl is a water soluble, large molecular weight acrylic that will penetrate, fill and strengthen semi-punky or spalted wood making it easier to work. Polycryl should be used prior to Pentacryl or Wood Juice on green wood. Soap and water clean up, contains low VOC’s and approved by Air Resources Board of California and Health Canada.