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BEHLEN Rubbing Compounds

Behlen Pumice Stone, Coarse (2F), 1 lb
Behlen Pumice Stone, Fine (4F), 1 lb
Behlen Rottenstone, 1 lb
Behlen Paraffin Oil, Quart
Felt Rubbing Pad
Behlen Rubbing Compound - Pt.
$12.09 $13.50
Pumice Stone is used in abrasive compounds for rubbing down wood finishes. Coarse pumice stone is often used dry, for "leveling" an initial film of finish. Subsequent surface work with coarse and/or fine pumice stone, using water or paraffin oil as a lubricant, produces a surface that is ready to polish with rottenstone. Rottenstone is an extremely fine abrasive used to produce a polished surface on wood finishes. Primarily used to polish a lacquered or varnished surface after a "coarse" rubbing with Pumice Stone. Use with water or paraffin oil as a lubricant. Paraffin Oil offers a fine blend of cutting oils and is the perfect lubricant for use with pumice or rottenstone. The lubricating action of paraffin oil saves both time and effort when creating hand rubbed finishes. Felt Rubbing Pad may be used with rubbing compounds to smooth or adjust the sheen of a cured finish. 1" x 2" x 4".