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OLSON Scrollsaw Blades - Reverse Tooth Universal

Olson 42002 Scroll Saw .022" x .100" x 9/5 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson 44002 Universal Scroll Saw Blade .010" x .022" x #2/0 x 28/21 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson 44302 Universal Scroll Saw Blade .012" x .029" x #2R x 20/14 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson 44602 Universal Scroll Saw Blade .016" x .038" x #5R x 12.5/9 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson 44802 Universal Scroll Saw Blade .017" x .047" x #7R x 11.5/8 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson Saw has been a leading manufacturer of scroll saw blades for more than 85 years, offering a full line of superior quality blades to satisfy almost every scrolling application on almost every scroll saw made. The Olson Saw Company has introduced many innovative notched, milled and ground blades. Their reverse tooth blades were developed in the early 1950's. This design was introduced to fret saw blades in the early 1980's to form what is now known as Reverse tooth blades in many styles including Mach Series and PGT scroll saw blades.
  • Blades with reverse teeth eliminate underside tear out and splintering forming clean, sharp edges on the work piece.
  • Their precision ground tooth blades in skip and double tooth styles with reverse teeth are simply the finest scroll saw blades available, providing the smoothest finish!
  • PGT blades cut straight as well as tight radii and eliminate splintering on the underside of the work piece.
  • PGT blades are made with an exclusive grinding process that forms teeth in hardened steel.
  • Double ground to insure that every edge of the tooth is as sharp as possible.
Reverse Tooth Universal. The original fret saw blade with reverse skip teeth to eliminate underside tear out and splintering. Smooth finish, plain end, 5", 12 pack.