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Silky Saws MASTER and Replacement Blades

Silky Saws MASTER 330mm, Medium Teeth, Woodworking Saw
Silky Saws MASTER 360mm, Large Teeth, Woodworking saw
Silky Saws MASTER Replacement Blade, 330mm, Medium Teeth
Silky Saws MASTER Replacement Blade, 360mm, Large Teeth

Try Silky Saws' MASTER woodworking saw.  It is both heavy-duty and versatile and can be used to cross-cut, rip-cut, and even slant-cut. The razor sharp blades are impulse-hardened, chrome plated, taper ground, and are easily removed for replacement. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology - The Teeth of the Future!

The MASTER comes in two styles: the 13” (330mm) blade with medium (11 TPI) tooth configuration, and the 14.2” (360mm) blade with large (9 TPI) tooth configuration. The medium sized tooth pattern is not too coarse yet not too fine and is, therefore, a favorite for carpenters and joiners. The large, aggressive tooth pattern is ideal for heavier tasks such as rough cutting.