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Groz Fret and Coping Saws

Groz Coping Saw Frame
Olson CP303DZ Fine Cut Hand Saw Blades 20 TPI 12 Pack
Olson CP304DZ Medium Hand Saw Blades 15 TPI 12 Pack
Olson CP306DZ Coarse Hand Saw Blades 10 TPI 12 Pack
Groz FSF/9-CP Deep Throat Fret Saw
Olson SF63523 Adjustable Frame Fret Saw
Olson FR49400 Fret Saw Blade Assortment
Olson 40000 Universal Hand Saw .008" x .022" x #3/0 x 33 TPI, 12 Pack
Olson DT43200 Universal Hand Saw .008" x .023" x #3/0 x 33 TPI
Deluxe Coping Saw Frame. Blades can be turned 360° to saw in any direction. Chrome plated frame with hardwood handle. Depth of cut is 4-3/4", comes with a 15 TPI blade. Deep Throat Fret Saw. is an excellent choice for detailed marquetry and scrollwork where great depth is required. Uses 5", flat end, fret, scroll, jewelers or spiral saw blades. Chrome plated frame with hardwood handle. Depth of cut is 11-1/2". Adjustable Frame Fret Saw. is a traditional jewelers saw frame that accepts plain end blades from 2-1/2" to 6" in length. Throat depth is 3". Perfect for veneers, thin plastics, and thin gauge brass. Blade can be positioned to cut in any direction. Fret Saw Blade Assortment. includes 36 blades in the skip tooth pattern for general cutting in a variety of materials. Assortment includes one dozen each of #2 - 20 TPI, #5 - 12.5 TPI and #7 - 11.5 TPI. Specialty Marquetry Blades. These 5" blades are used for extremely intricate sawing in wood, plastic and hard rubber 1/16" to 1/4" thick. Packs of 12 blades. Both are approximately .023" wide, .008" thick, and have 33 TPI.